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Cambridge Sleep Sciences announce the development of the innovative portable ‘SleepHub® anywhere’ device that aims to improve our poor sleep habits

The unique, scientifically-developed sleep aid is now portable for better sleep on the go!

SleepHub® anywhere is a device under development that provides a portable, convenient sleep solution for people who travel or are regularly on the move. The product consists of a compact device that controls a range of sleep programmes which will deliver scientifically developed sounds using a choice of Bluetooth audio products such as a headband, eye mask or ear buds. An accompanying bespoke app will enable users to set up and manage the device and sound, to suit their requirements.   

This new portable device is based upon the company’s successful first product, SleepHub® home, which is a larger device most suited to home use in the bedroom. This innovative series of products is developed by Cambridge Sleep Sciences (CSS), founded by a team of experts from the medical, sound technology, scientific research, innovation and business leadership fields. CSS understands the importance of sleep for physical and mental wellbeing, and combines science and sound technology to pioneer the development of unique sleep solutions. The first original device, SleepHub® home, was launched in October 2020 and it was CSS’s first groundbreaking product that generated significant interest around the world from consumers, media, retailers, distributors, sleep specialists and experts in the health and wellbeing arenas. Since launching SleepHub® home, CSS have also received many reviews from customers and media, sharing positive experiences of improved sleep whilst using SleepHub®

Sleep has never been so disrupted given our busy lifestyles and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to change our sleep patterns (source News Medical). SleepHub® anywhere will help individuals relax while travelling or while on the move or in different time zones and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits which good sleep brings. The product is ideal also for anyone suffering from insomnia & other sleep problems, people with disrupted sleep patterns such as shift workers or parents of young children and those wanting to optimise their sleep for better physical & mental performance. The SleepHub® technology is tested and proven. In addition to user reviews, an independent study of the current product involving participants with at least 3 months history of insomnia saw the following outcomes: 92% of them saw a positive improvement with on average per night 155 minutes more time asleep, 76 minutes less time aware and 55% reduction in number of times waking up.

SleepHub® uses exclusive neuroscience and sound technology, researched and developed over more than 10 years, to retrain the brain to sleep better. The team investigated how sound waves can influence brain activity and created scientifically-engineered sound waves at the right frequencies, in a programmed order, which replicate the sequence of natural sleep cycles and sleep stages, the sleep sounds. The original SleepHub® home device sits by the bedside and plays the sleep sounds through two speakers. The new SleepHub® anywhere product will play the sleep sounds through the user's choice of Bluetooth connectable audio products including a  headband, eye mask or earbuds. By selecting one of four sleep programmes, including a Deep Sleep and Power Nap mode, the user will be guided into sleep following natural sleep cycles in the correct order, until the sleep programme ends and the user is gently awoken at their chosen time, feeling refreshed and energised.

To bring their second cutting-edge product to life, CSS is launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, inviting backers to pre-order SleepHub® anywhere to fund development of the product, due for launch in Spring 2022. A range of pre-order options are available, all of which offer large discounts, as a ‘thank you’ for supporting at this early stage of development.The device’s design is now being finalised before moving into the engineering and prototyping stages, and the the mobile app is about to move into the development stage. Backer contributions will fund the first production run of the device in addition to the development and launch of the mobile app with the goal for SleepHub® anywhere to be available to ship worldwide in Spring 2022.  

“SleepHub® anywhere marks another major milestone on the SleepHub journey. This small, portable sleep aid which uses our proven sound technology will make better sleep accessible to more people worldwide. I'm excited to be launching our crowdfunding campaign which enables people to pre-order at the lowest prices and support bringing this great product to market." Julian Stone, CEO of Cambridge Sleep Sciences.

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