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EDENRED premises in Greece

Updated: Jan 9

The new premises of EDENRED in Greece are housed on the second floor of the recently renovated ΙXI office building, in Moschato area, Athens.

The project was developed and implemented after the radical renovation of an

existing building, in accordance with the LEED environmental certification standards, and the conversion of the building into an aesthetically modern office

space by KN Group team.

KN Group team selected high quality and environmentally friendly materials,

redesigned reusing elements of the existing building in accordance with the

principles of circular economy and equipped the space with high-performance

technologies, aiming at the smallest possible environmental footprint.

The workplace is a former industrial space of 840m2, with a square free plan, with

a sparse grid of circular columns, of great height and with characteristic linear

openings around the perimeter with a high apron. The influences of the existing

shell in modernist architecture, with clear geometries, free-sightedness and

linearity, were preserved and transferred to the design of the interior.

The architectural approach aimed at the location of the main working areas

around the perimeter, next to the elevation openings, in a way that achieved

optimal lighting and ventilation of the space as well as free access of users to the

view. The design of the workspaces in the elevated section was based on the logic

of the open space model, where the different workgroups are delimited by light

dividers, such as green islands and transparent dividers with colored frames.

In the center of the floor, all the cooperative spaces of the company are gathered

in a polymorphic green construction with folding openings, where employees can

chat and interact, meet customers, host events, and promote their services. The

possibility of opening the external folding curtain walls of the central structure in

collaboration with the wide steps of the elevated section, which can also be used

as low stands, creates multiple scenarios of use.

A large wooden island, on the boundary between the raised floor and the central

space, at a different height, created a work bench with storage space. In it, 16

facing workstations are served by different heights of ergonomic Rookie chairs by

Konstantin Grcic.

In the closed offices, the grid of colored partitions incorporated glass, which was

removed from the previous façade of the building and reused. A wooden beam, a

remnant of the adjacent lines of the electric railway, was used to create a stair on

the site. Cabinets, bookcases with geometric shapes, colors and textures create

storage areas for living rooms or work benches for employees.

A decisive role is played by the break areas that are integrated in the workplace,

acting as poles of interaction and teamwork, like the two Royal Stranger armchairs

which, with their special design, creates a welcoming space next to a small library.

The anthropocentric philosophy of KN Group and the innovative way in which it

approaches to the needs of its customers have resulted in the creation of a multi-

purpose space, which supports in various ways the functions of the user while at

the same time highlighting a modern perception of office space.

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