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The prestigious Master of Management in International Arts Management by HEC Montreal, Southern Methodist University (SMU), and Bocconi University is accepting applications for its 2024/2025 Cohort

The Master of Management in International Arts Management (MMIAM) is a global master's degree program that takes students on a world-spanning academic journey while studying at five leading universities, each in a new country. It is a 12-month program in which students complete three terms: one at Southern Methodist University (Texas, USA), one at HEC Montreal (Canada), and a third one at SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy); as well as two shorter visits to the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and Peking University (Beijing, China). 

The program is open for applicants for its 2024/2025 cohort until April 15th for international students and June 1st for United States citizens. Information sessions are hosted by the faculty once monthly to offer prospective students a chance to learn more about the structure, focus, and opportunities of the program. The next session will be held on the 7th of March, register HERE.

The MMIAM program is led by François Colbert (Chair in Arts Management, HEC Montreal), Megan Heber (Professor of Arts Management & Nonprofit Leadership, SMU Dallas) and Andrea Rurale (Director of the Master in Arts Management and Administration, SDA Bocconi Milan). The program is supported by a team of 50 full-time and adjunct professors specialized in arts and cultural management and an International Advisory Board of more than 30 arts and culture leaders from around the world. Collectively, this group of experts leads and advises the students through the 12-month program.

During the program, students are exposed not only to the faculty and academic excellence of five world-leading universities but also to the cultural and artistic institutions of these cities and nations. Students learn management essentials such as budgeting, fundraising, project design/implementation, and international marketing, providing them with the indispensable skills of a managerial position in the arts. They’ll also master softer skills like cultural competence, adaptability, and interpersonal skills that facilitate cross-cultural collaboration and enable students to thrive in new environments. Learning occurs via practical courses, case studies, fieldwork, and conversations with leaders in international cultural management, as well as visits to world-famous cultural and arts institutions.

The MMIAM is structured such that it matches the growingly collaborative nature of the arts. Throughout the 12-month program, students experience frequent exposure to new ideas and approaches, developing a familiarity with the international impact of today’s major arts institutions. Regular, close contact with the faculty of leading institutions gives students a window into diverse solutions to the puzzles of arts management from across the cultural spectrum. Students of the MMIAM therefore achieve a global perspective, uniquely positioning themselves to excel in arts management in an international world.

“We believe that preparing arts managers for the global market necessitates first-hand exposure to diverse cultures and organizations. Supported by an international faculty of leading art professionals, students of the MMIAM encounter new approaches to solving familiar problems, building up a comprehensive managerial toolkit that means they’ll be ready for anything," says François Colbert, Chair in Arts Management at HEC Montreal.

Alumni of the MMIAM hold positions as directors, founders, and managers in leading institutions all around the world. From auction houses to museums and theaters, the MMIAM sets alumni apart. The opportunities of the 12-month experience also give students a unique chance to supercharge their arts network, which can prove crucial to both securing future roles as well as working in the arts. The program has an almost 100% placement rate in just 6 m.

“Having the [MMIAM] degree got me each of my jobs. It wasn’t that someone affiliated with the program handed me a job, but more so having the program on my CV set me apart and even was a conversation starter,” says Kassidy Greiner (MMIAM 3), Senior Coordinator, Christie’s New York.

The ideal candidate for the MMIAM will have a bachelor's degree in the arts, have demonstrated international experience, as well as experience in or passion for the arts and culture sector. Scholarships are available to early applicants. More information can be found HERE.

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