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UK Illustrator Helen Bullock presents her drawing series dedicated to the English Alphabet and the unique connection between words and objects

We are delighted to announce that UK Illustrator and artist Helen Bullock has launched a brand new series of drawings dedicated to the English alphabet, highlighting the unique connection between words and objects. Renowned for her bold prints and strong colour, Helen’s creative interpretation of everyday objects make them seem fun, colourful, following Helen’s unique colourful aesthetic, maintaining an air of freedom and spontaneity.

The artist started working on the ‘Alphabet Project’ while London was in lockdown. This project was something Helen was thinking to release a while ago, but as she kept on reflecting on how the lockdown has made everyone pay more attention to the objects that shape one’s everyday life, it seemed like the perfect time to release it. 

On Helen’s dedicated website and shop section, there is a monthly drop of drawings charting her journey through the alphabet, taking inspiration from the mundane to the absurd and unexpected. New drawings appear on the first of every month, and are available to purchase until replaced by the next drop. This month, Helen presents her drawings dedicated to letters X.

Apart from personal preferences, the artist was also inspired by friends and followers and their discussions and interactions about her new project. As Helen says ‘I'm loving the trip down memory lane that happens from time to time - a friend suggested Dewberry, which immediately took me to the Body Shop Dewberry Shower gel from the 90s. Someone else mentioned Feet, which got me longing for the Funny Feet ice lollies from the 80s!

Having worked with leading fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Celine and Oscar de la Renta, Helen now presents a more personal and intimate project, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of everyday objects and their playful character, following her love for strong and bold colours. Helen’s personal favorite drawings include Bin, Fanny pack and Candle Stick Holder. As Helen states, “I just love how it's vast the possibilities are ... and often find myself musing over the next set of the letters.”

Follow Helen’s creative journey here: 

Notes to Editors:

About Helen Bullock: 

Helen Bullock is a London based Fashion Illustrator and Print Designer. Helen has worked with multiple luxury fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Celine, Oscar de la Renta and Liberty as well as global publications including Sunday Times Style, GQ Style, AnOther & ShowStudio.  Renowned for her bold prints and strong colour, her illustrations are created by hand, maintaining an air of freedom and spontaneity, reflecting Helen’s unique character and exuberant love for life. 


After a stint in New York, Helen has settled in East London.  Despite having no formal art education she gained a place at Central St Martins, and completed her Fashion Print (BA/MA).  She now works globally applying her unique aesthetic to the pages of magazines, fabrics of fashion designers and shop windows of UK’s favourite stores. 

For press enquiries: 

Christina Ioannou

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