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Virtual Travel Platform Globetrotter VR launches new city tours

Virtual Travel Platform Globetrotter VR, launches a new series of city tours for top destinations led by professional guides, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Globetrotter VR, the brand new digital platform dedicated to virtual travel, is delighted to announce the launch of its new series of city tours, including top tourism destinations such as Barcelona, Paris, Edinburgh, Milan and Dubai. Each tour immerses the visitor in the local culture thanks to the top 360° imagery, and the professional local tour guides. These tours are a unique opportunity to ask questions about destinations and learn from a top city expert. 

In this pivotal moment in history, we are asked to redefine the future of the tourism industry due to travel restrictions around the world. Technology is taking a leading role when it comes to exploring top tourism destinations and satisfying our natural curiosity to discover the world. Globetrotter VR is proud of the technology that makes these tours special. Powered by web VR, Globetrotter VR’s virtual tours are accessible to anyone and don’t require special hardware to enjoy. Immersive travel experiences with Globetrotter VR can happen online, be it via laptop, desktop, mobile phone or virtual reality headset. All tours are fully interactive and include 3D models, archival photos and videos which makes the tour unique in the current market. 

 “We aren’t trying to replicate physical walking tours, we are creating online travel experiences in their own right” says Anastasia Pash, the Founder of Globetrotter VR. 

As the first virtual tour hosting platform of its kind, Globetrotter VR offers the opportunity for  everyone from every part of the world, to enjoy a city tour from the comfort of their own home and from any type of device. The platform does not only offer on-demand experiences  that you can watch at your convenience,  but also live virtual walking tours, led by top professional tour guides, all experts in their cities and territories. There is also the opportunity to book private live tours, which would make a perfect gift to friends and family, or host  a great online team building event.

As a company with an ethical and sustainable mindset, Globetrotter VR aims to create virtual tours that make exploring the world enjoyable, accessible, affordable and secure. The team is committed to protecting the natural world for future generations by ensuring the smallest amount of environmental impact in its production, while partnering up with local talents and organizations, to ensure that the tours provide economic benefit to the local communities in the destinations. 

Currently, Globetrotter VR is running a competition where you can win a free Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset and free spots on their virtual tours. Don’t miss your chance to win these amazing prizes and start exploring the world through immersive experiences. Sign up for the competition here.  

Globetrotter VR is based in the UK,  and is part of the Intelak Travel Aviation Incubator sponsored by the Emirates Group, Dubai Tourism, Microsoft and Accenture.

For more information or to book a tour please visit: 

For press enquiries please contact: 

Christina Ioannou

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